Ridvan Observance: Some Seuss-tenance

MartenaThe Ridvan Observance for the Baha’i Community in Huntsville, “Oh the places you’ll go”, was a reminder of how we can use our Seuss-tabilities learned from childhood poetry, interlaced with the Writings, to guide us in reaching our goals….a process Dr. Seuss guaranteed, “98 and 3/4 percent.”  Many Thanks to Martena for such a creative approach! What a lot of fun!  Thanks so much to Maria for her presentation of the Writings, and as always to Rip for his insightful, colorful delivery of the poetry (ever notice who Dr. Seuss’ image of  Lorax looks like?) 🙂

BirdsMany thanks to Ethan for being our model Seuss-ter!

 And to our honored guests……


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