The Báb – Herald of the Bahá’í Faith

Please join the Huntsville Bahá’í Community in observing the Declaration of the Báb on Saturday, May 23, at the Huntsville Bahá’í Center, 3209 Pulaski Pike.  We will gather at 9:00 p.m. to recount the events of that stupendous day in 1844 when the Báb first revealed His mission and will conclude at two hours and eleven minutes after sunset,

The house of the Báb in Shiráz, now destroyed, where He declared His mission on 23 May 1844.

The house of the Báb in Shiráz, now destroyed, where He declared His mission on 23 May 1844.

the moment when the Báb made His Great Announcement to Mulla Husayn, a young scholar who had been searching for the promised new Manifestation of God, saying, “Behold, all these signs are manifest in Me!”

Mulla Husayn wrote, “I sat spellbound by His utterance, oblivious of time and of those who awaited me…all the delights, all the ineffable glories, which the Almighty has recounted in His Book, as the priceless possessions of the people of Paradise–these I seemed to be experiencing that night.”

“This night,” the Báb declared, “this very hour will, in the days to come, be celebrated as one of the greatest and most significant of all festivals. Render thanks to God for having graciously assisted you to attain your heart’s desire, and for having quaffed from the sealed wine of His utterance. ‘Well is it with them that attain thereunto.'”

In a seemingly historical coincidence, the next day, halfway across the world, Samuel Morse sent the first telegram with the famous Biblical phrase, “What hath God wrought?”

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