New websites reflect breadth of Bahá’í communities worldwide

A wave of official Bahá’í websites, numbering over 40 and spanning the world, have emerged recently. In addition to the launch of new international sites, such as, Bahai-webthe Baha’i Media Bank, and the official website of the Baha’i International Community, a number of new national websites have also appeared.

Many national communities have been learning how to articulate their evolving understanding of the aims and activities of the Faith through the medium of the Web. Taking into consideration the social realities in their countries, many of these new sites also attempt to convey a vision of the betterment of society.

In some countries, the launch of a national website has signaled the first official presence of the Bahá’í community on the Web. Such has been the case in the Arab region, where new national websites have been launched in ten countries. Throughout the region, the launch of official Baha’i websites has been a historic development for the Bahá’í community.


The Baha’i House of Worship for North America, Wilmette, Illinois, featured on

In Tunisia, for example, the first official Bahá’í website was launched in the region, and Bahá’ís have witnessed a growing number of opportunities to contribute to the progress of the nation in various forums since. The website has served as one avenue through which the community has shared with its fellow citizens how it is working with them for the construction of a just and peaceful society.

Reflected in the efflorescence of these new sites is the breadth of countries and cultures in the Bahá’í world. As each community develops further, its national website will continue to evolve.

The list of communities spans across many regions, from Myanmar to Kazakhstan, South Africa to France, Turkey to the Netherlands, and Colombia to the United States.

A comprehensive list of national websites of the Bahá’í community can be found at

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