May 23, 1844, The Declaration of the Báb

At two hours and 11 minutes after sunset this evening, Bahá’ís in the Tennessee Valley and around the world will celebrate the 165th anniversary of the birth of the Bahá’í Faith – the Declaration of the Báb on this day in 1844.

The holy day marks the moment when the Báb announced that He was a new divine Messenger sent to herald a new age for humanity and to prepare the way for Bahá’u’lláh, the universal Messenger of God expected by people of all religions.

The house in Shiraz, Iran, where the Báb first made His announcemenThe-Babt had been preserved as a Bahá’í holy site, but in 1979 – 30 years ago this year – it was destroyed by a mob aided by Revolutionary Guards.

The Bahá’í calendar dates from 1844, with the year 166 B.E. (Baha’i era) now under way.

The Declaration of the Báb is one of nine holy days during the year on which Bahá’ís suspend work.


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