Earlier this year, Iranian-Canadian filmmaker Maziar Bahari and his company, Off‑Centre Productions, completed a new film, Changing the World, One Wall at a Time. The film documents Education Is Not A Crime’s remarkable worldwide mural campaign focusing attention on the Iranian regime’s denial of higher education to Bahá’ís.

The relentless persecution of Iran’s Bahá’ís―presented with great effect in Changing the World, One Wall at a Time―is increasingly being recognized by respected organizations concerned with human rights abuses.

Yet―notwithstanding the recent release from unjustified captivity of three members of the former Yárán (a national organizing committee of Baha’is in Iran)―the persecution shows no signs of abating.

Numerous arrests took place during the recent Bicentenary period observing the 200th Birthday of Baha’u’llah. The total number currently behind bars is about 90.

Please watch, download, and share this amazing documentary. We are confident widespread viewing of Changing the World, One Wall at a Time will not only focus renewed attention on the plight of the long-suffering Iranian sisters and brothers but will awaken an outcry from the fair-minded to grave injustices that have for far too long persisted.

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