Worldwide celebrations begin, live updates on bicentenary site

BAHA’I WORLD CENTRE — Moments ago in the Line Islands of Kiribati, sunset initiated a wave of joyous celebrations that will encircle the planet over the next 72 hours.

In Huntsville, The Baha’i Community will observe the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of the Bab at Burritt on the Mountain, today, Oct. 28, 5:30 pm.

During this special period, individuals, families, communities, and whole populations reflecting the diversity of the human family will gather in numerous settings to celebrate the lives of two divine Luminaries Who, in the words of the Universal House of Justice, “inaugurated a new stage in social evolution: the stage of the unification of the entire human family.”

This year’s celebrations are especially significant because they mark the bicentenary of the birth of the Bab.

Celebrations around the world can be followed on the bicentenary website, which will have live updates every few minutes, as well as on a number of other online platforms. Special gatherings held at Baha’i Houses of Worship will be broadcast as well.

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