Join-in: National Preach-In On Global Warming

Register now to take part in the 2015 Preach-in on Global Warming sponsored by Interfaith Power and Light! The Preach-in is an excellent opportunity to engage in dialogue on climate change with friends and neighbors and to support climate action. The 2015 Preach-in will focus on new rules instituted by the Environmental Protection Agency to limit carbon pollution from power plants. Supplemental materials, including the sacred writings from the scriptures for Baha’is as well as all religions, have been developed to facilitate holding of devotional gatherings, children’s classes, and junior youth group activities on themes of environmental stewardship and justice. Simply go to the Preach-in site at, register, request a planning kit, and plan an activity – or stay tuned to join with the Baha’is of Huntsville in our local observance.

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